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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zoo? What's interesting? Sure its content is the same, there are elephant, tiger, monkey, various birds, and others that! Comments that do not actually wrong.

Precisely because public opinion as it is, Asahiyama Dobutsuen (Fraser Asahiyama) opened the first time this year in 1967 to bankruptcy and nearly closed. Dramatically decreased the number of visitors because tourists see the animals in narrow circumstances, are sit, or sleep. What is preposterous?

The management and conduct innovation.

This natural ability of animals exploited before the visitor. Pesona congenital birth so that it can be so distinctive charm. Animals of the Asahiyama are no longer visible sit or even sleep when in approach.

The result, in July 2004 the number of visits to explode beyond Asahiyama Zoos Ueno in Tokyo. In 2005, the number of visitors reached more than 2 million people, and the number is increasing. Tourists not only from the region of Japan. Asahiyama has now become magnet for tourists from all over the world!

That they are words that sound hectic corner to corner of the area when a group of Asahiyama King Penguin walk with dragging their feet in a long line.

Action penguin is not rare flop on the snow is to attract visitors to the zoo. But only briefly. The penguin and then right again and keep up with the step following a tow friends.

The penguin visitors and close together without a fence or rope. This is the penguin parade at the Winter Garden Animals Asahiyama. King Penguin interact in large groups, and their long-distance running along to the place where they eat.

This is the innovation that made the manager Asahiyama. They let this penguins parade that remain active in winter. Attractions that are animals practice in this natural. Freedom is what distinguishes Asahiyama with other zoo.

Animals with the behavior of their mercurial nature very impressive and visitors. Animals is clearly visible happy with their environment, thanks to a number of innovations introduced by the zoo animals.

For example, penguin aquarium, home of the four types of penguin, including the current King Penguin parade earlier. They dive in the pool of those who swim there and here. Meanwhile, visitors walk through a glass tunnel in the water along the width of the pond. Penguin hang on every corner so fast in the water so it is difficult to imagine that they are the same animals that were dragged there feet on the snow here.

Which is also interesting aquarium seals. Vertical tube with a diameter of 1.5 meters of water and this shows the action that seals up and down along the 'glass pipeline' is. Tube called the Sea Road is also a connector on the top of the pond and large pond that in the lower part.

Seals this sometimes stop for visitors who pay to see them. And see each other as if seals are also enjoying the presence of many people.

Koala Australia

SAN FRANCISCO - a male koala, which is believed as the oldest koala Zoos San Francisco, USA, Friday (8 / 2), died at the age of 19 years. Clarry, the koala, koala male prisoner is the oldest documented tree in the Australian koala. Wild male koalas generally only capable of living up to the age of 10-12 years. Meanwhile, according to Nancy Chan, spokesperson for the Zoo, a female prisoner who have never reached the age of 20 years.

According to the zoo doctors, Freeland Dunker, longevity koala was ditopang because such supplements containing liquid oil, dry white wood. Since early 2000, Clarry can no longer chew and menggerenyutkan-tooth for a tooth leaves the wood white (eucaplyptus). Clarry arrived at San Francisco Zoo in 1985 from the Queensland National Park and Wild Life Service, Australia. At that time, San Francisco Zoo is the U.S. that have a third of the koala, Australia's native animals.

Komodo The Dragon

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

COLLECTIONS Komodo dragons (Varanus Komodoensis), typical rare animals in the Convention & Exhibition Center grow. A number of 14 eggs hatch (10 / 3) so that the number of dragon lizard is now the head 39. Previously, the Convention & Exhibition Center has a collection of ancient animals lizard tails 25, each of 12 adult male, 11 female adults and two young Komodo dragons.

Komodos is lay-since August 2007 and September 2007 on the egg-egg animals typically ditetaskan Komodo Island is the incubator. "Eggs hatch within 7-9 days and minimum temperature is the same as the island of Komodo in the 30 degrees.

The rainy season in Singapore to create a humid enclosure Komodo," Dr Rahmad Suharta explanation, veterinary KBS. To overcome this situation, the manager made the room KBS incubation with masks made of sand fermi skin (such as a soft-soft sand) with the additional heating temperature.

Of 18 Komodo eggs, 14 eggs hatch already, two eggs will be broken already, one is still intact and waiting to hatch one egg failed. Children who have been Komodo hatch weight between 5-6 oz.

Baby animals are currently treated in the incubator room and given food yolk.? "After over 14 days and healthy condition, the child will start Komodo given mince until age 1 year and then released in the enclosure that is original in the exhibition hall KBS, "said Agus Supangkat, PR KBS.

According to him, this amount is already possible to make the exchange of Komodo with other animals from the zoo outside. KBS is built on 15 hectares of land now has 4,200 animals of various species.

Zoo in Bandung

The beginning of the Bandung Zoo is a establishment of a zoo in the area Cimindi Martanagara by Regent in the early 20th century. Then some of the Dutch humane animal also took up a garden animals in the area Dago Atas.
Because the longer the more animals the zoo is the second, the difficulty arises in the management, particularly in the funds.

So finally taken the decision to combine the two at the zoo that is one location in an area of land in the west of Taman Sari ITB campus now.
Dr. W. Tref
fers, appointed to the planning and the city zoo, as well as the main director. In the year 1933 the entire complex, a zoo in Taman Sari has been completed.

Taken in the concept design of zoo is this "Mini Botanical Garden", because at the time Cikapundung valley has a variety of trees and grow? Plants, and supported by the beautiful panorama and beautiful.

In the period before the war, the gardens Animals is one of the main goals of all recreational stratum of the city of Bandung. Collections of any zoo is quite complete and is the zoo's most terrawat with the bail out of the whole island of Java. But unfortunately at the time of Japan, the zoo is not
maintained dormant, so it came down Pamor.

After the independence of Indonesia, the Bandung zoo is not progress, even worse than before the war era. Collection of animals is not increased, while the animals and food shortages are not maintained.


Want to plan a cheap holiday and to educate your child? Zoos Ragunan is one alternative for you. Located in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. We can introduce a variety of animals to the children so that they can directly see the animals that may be seen only during the time on television or on the buku.Untuk reach this place, if you do not use a personal vehicle, you can use transjakarta (busway) Ragunan-Kuningan direction that ends right in front of the zoo, or if you do not use this way, you can advance to the transit stop Dukuh Up to then use this path. So with the cost Rp 3500, - you can go Ragunan quickly and easily.

Zoo entrance ticket you can buy at Rp 4000, - for adults and Rp 3.000, - for children. Animals that are here just as full a range of birds (bird pelikan, peacock, eagle, etc.), various Primate (monkey, bekantan, etc.), various types of snakes, honey bears, elephants, deer, camels, hippopotamus, bison, bats. For wild animals, you can see the tiger, white tiger, lion, crocodile, bear. In addition to viewing the animals, you can also invite your child to play in the children's playground, where there are a variety of games and games from various balloon.

At the zoo there is also this "Schmutzer Primate Center." You must purchase tickets at Rp 5,000, - to go to the place. This place is special to display different kinds of Primate with a different atmosphere and there is a museum Primate to increase knowledge of children. The first time you log in, we have to climb stairs, and then from above we can see the gorilla the size of humans. Primate others here who have, among other gibbon, hoop, white monkey, and various other types.

There are also "the Orang Utan," here we enter the long and dark tunnel that is made like a cave, where between each section separated by a rope-a rope-like roots of trees. On-hand side of the tunnel appears to be a thick glass so that we can see the Orang Utan outside.

Once out of the tunnel, we can climb a tree house that is running high among trees or through suspension bridge. On the other hand, there is a garden bali. This place like atmosphere created Bali. There is also a playground for children, such as swaying, the trees can dipanjat, bergelantung rope or play in the sand.

If you plan to this place, should bring a supply of drinking enough water, because to see the animals and the other one you have to walk. Also provide a hat or umbrella to protect from the sun. So, for a holiday does not mean that the money should be spent.

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