Lobster aged 62 Years

Saturday, June 27, 2009

ALJIER, a fisherman in Algeria successfully encompass a lobster (crayfish sea) aged 62 years. It is rarely found in this northern coastal city of Jijel in Algeria.

Abdelkader, the name of the shrimp trawl fishing is the age of 60 years with the weight of 36 kg and four with the other age ranges between 46 hinga 59 years. Age animal crustacea (shrimp family) is determined by body weight. Therefore the basic rule that the increase in the age of one year the standard weight of 100 grams will increase so forth.

Abdelkader lobster catch was 62 years old which he named "grandfather" in the 300 meters in depth with the other two lobster tails that are 59 years old who were given the name "grandmother and uncle," "mother and father" with the age of 48 and 46 years and two lobster tails, others young.

Abdelkader proudly parade of the catch, but it says for the interest of the shrimp weight was 36 kg and must forfeit the amount of money 120 thousand dinar (1,700 U.S. dollars).

Eclyse, Zebra crossing with Horses

Mixed marriage between a kind of different animal species found more and more. Some of the new type of strange animals such as the liger or tigon contradiction between the tiger and lion. The mule, the horse and donkey tempering, or marriage with the duck goose. Meanwhile, there are also rare that such results with the contradiction between whales dolphins.

This Zoo Safari and Hollywoodpark Stukenbrock, Germany, the results show cross between a zebra with a horse captivating. Zebra-horse named 'Eclyse' was born in 2006 from the original parent zebra safari park with a stallion from Italy.

Eclyse have a good look at her body as the shoulder, chest and front legs feathered white, while the head and neck to the back streaked like zebra. Face itself is a mix between a zebra horse. Unique is not it?

Lion Yawning

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some Turkish newspapers reported, a strange phenomenon happens every day in a zoo in Azmeer, west Turkey. There, hundreds of people each day Turkey adzan shubuh time came to stand in front of a lion cage, and listen to pronounce the name of God .!!??

Some sources add, every day hundreds of people willing to wait for hours in front of a police officer to listen to one of the lions roaring in there that repeat-back 'Lafzhul Jalalah' (the name of God). They also take photos of the lion and the voice recording in the CD. Imply that source, there are some visitors who purchase the CD. Such as the site inform Arabic 'El Bawwabah'.

In his press conference to the Turkish newspaper, the director of the zoo is asserted, this phenomenon is indeed very scattered. Once this is any sign of God but there are those who are too exaggerate his part to ask that they have allowed the lion enclosure to clean it or even touch any of them in prayer before .!!??

Cenderawasih Bird

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cenderawasih bird or a stranger called with the name of Bird of Paradise, is a typical bird of Papua, Indonesia. 43 of this beautiful bird species, 35 of which can be found in Papua. The rest, it is hard to find.

Its beautiful fur, mainly found in the male Cendrawasih. Generally, wool is very bright with a combination of black, reddish-brown, orange, yellow, white, blue, green, and purple. Cendrawasih species that are popular Paradisaea apoda, Paradisaea minor, Cicinnurus regius, and Seleucidis melanoleuca.

Birds usually live in dense forests or in low. He has a habit to play in the morning when the sun began to light appeared in the eastern horizon.
Cendrawasih male wearing fur neck to apprehend the kind of interesting opponents. Cendrawasih very masculine dance spectacular. While singing at the top of the limb, this male wiggle to different directions. Sometimes even reversed depending on the limb. However, each species of course have a distinctive type of dance.

In Papua, animals, animals in this region have a unique. Cendrawasih bird is one of the few birds that ilmiahnya name means "heaven", "magnificent", "beautiful", and "very good".

Robby Sawaki, one of the traditional artists of Papua, calling birds as Cenderawasih legged woman is not or Apoda. In Latin Cendrawasih bird described as paradisaea apoda. Birds are very beautiful but does not have the legs to be not from earth, because they walk or sit in a tree.

Cendrawasih thirty species are found in Indonesia, 28 of which are found in Papua is home to Cendrawasih paradigalla carunculata, Cendrawasih long tails astrapia nigra, Cendrawasih paratia parotia sefilata, Cendrawasih cicinnurus respublica Wilson, and red Cendrawasih paradiasea rubra.

A son of the Papua-day work as a tour guide, Helmut Kmur, say, in every occasion when he was traveling in the Land of Papua, many see it and witness with their own eyes the animals from Papua and in the catch in the sale. "One of them is bird paradise, which I often see birds on the market outside the area of Papua, "said Helmut.

Helmut, also deplore the original Papua hunt and kill a protected animal. "I take an example, people want to create an event must be present Cenderawasih bird as a sign," he said.

Birds get the nickname the bird paradise, the first population quite a lot in the forest of Papua, but continue to be hunted because of the drastic population decline and now is difficult to find. The causes, among others, forest where they seek refuge and breed narrow start line with the increasing logging.
Andreas Lameki, Head of Forestry Biak Numfor said, Cendrawasih bird hunting is prohibited based on the actual letter of the decision the Ministry of Forestry, but because the price in the market arouse enough, so that hunters continue to hunt wild.

While Cendrawasih king, Cendrawasih bald, red Cendrawasih, toowa, and Cendrawasih small yellow tails, have been included in the list of types of protected animals under the Law No 5 Year 1990 and PP RI No. 7 of 1999.

In many bird market in Jakarta a few years ago, a bird Cendrawasih sold illegally with the price Rp.1-2 million per head. Meanwhile, the collectors are also buying the bird of Paradise that has been preserved with the price of Rp750 to Rp1 million thousand.

Elephants can also stress

Officials preserve India invited a series of experts, to calm some of the elephants be due to stress. Elke Riesterer, who has worked six years in the Fraser Oakland (California), Wednesday ber mixed for several hours with the elephants at the colony edge River Yamuna. Rivers that zigzag across New Delhi, the capital of India.

Riesterer uses a combination of several techniques to estimate the ordinal level of stress that mammals. This pioneering work''that I do on the elephant. But I feel very confident, there will be a change,''he said.

''Elephant-elephant here is very tense, especially because the atmosphere in which they not be comfortable.''''He uses techniques of healing touch''to handle the elephants and between 15 minutes to one hour. He started with massage foot-paw, then the ear, and face and head. Executive Director of the Foundation Night Markets India Vivek stop Riesterer said the visit is just one step in dealing with all the conditions in India elephant cage. Most of the elephants that used to be working hard in the forest, or jazz up marriage parties.


Friday, June 19, 2009

CHERAX DESTRUCTOR is a type of freshwater lobster is among the 100 known species Lat living in Australia. They can be found from the New South Wales to the plains around the continent Australia. Cause of the wide adaptability they can start from the cold lake in the cold mountains Snowy fleshy, up to a hot region.

CHERAX DESTRUCTOR can be said the food is a tribe native Australia (Aboriginal). At least it has done since 28,000 years ago, based on the findings arkeologis local.

In general, CHERAX DESTRUCTOR found in lakes, peat swamp, dam, irrigation, and also in rivers. They include rock resistant. In the dry season they will survive with a hole in the ground. In fact, they are able to make a hole depth of 5 meters. At the time of season and then they go out to find food, migrate and marry.

In place of origin, CHERAX DESTRUCTOR sometimes cause a dam failure. This usually happens when the dam wall is less than 2 meters, and often changes the surface of the water, as is common in rice fields. However, such incidents are rarely found on the dam walls of thickness more than 6 meters.

Dobermann ( Gun Dog )

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dobermann is a mutt named "Schnuppe" (Dogs gray soft) which is integrated with the dog butcher (Butchers Dog). Goeller later claimed that the German Shepherd dog (German Shepherd), short blond dog (Gun Dog), Great Dane and the German Pinscher is also taking part.

An article in a magazine about dogs in Germany in the year 1898 states, "At the end of 1860, the owner field in the clay which is called Apolda" Dietsch "bitch has grayish blue, part of the Pinscher she marries a dog with a butcher color black. Parent already has the characteristics and signs of the cross between the Dog and Sheep Dogs slaughterman. Herr Dobermann, who unfortunately died too early, the two men cross a dog and the dog warden with German Pinscher. That is the origin Dobermann Dogs. "

In the year 1901, Richard Strebel (German Authority for K9) write, "It is very doubtful Dobermann Pinscher is actually Pinscher, there is a possibility for more is classified as a sheep dog."

Dobermann Club Germany in the year 1933 investigating the origins of culture and decided that fathers are the main Dobermann German Pinscher. But in the year 1947 Herr Gruenig writing that the Dobermann is most likely descended from Beauceron, the German Pinscher has no similarity in body structure and habits, is also not possible to shoulder high growth average of 40 s / d 70 cm in just 30 years.

However a dog that resembles Dobermann has been around Apolda before Herr Dobermann and start breeding dogs that are crossing from the German Pinscher and Sheepdog.

Beaucerons also has been known in Apolda at that time and the possibility they are the ancestors of Dogs slaughterman (Butchers dog). Dogs slaughterman dog race is not pure. Dobermann dog early times is very similar to butcher dogs and Rottweiler.

In the year 1863, Louis Dobermann Dogs introduce its culture Dobermann dog in the market for the first time in Apolda. At that time he reap great success. Thanks to the service in service-dog type of multiply as we know now enshrined as the Dobermann dog's name

Jellyfish Rainbow

Jellyfish that live in the island of Tasmania, Australia, is very unique with a glowing rainbow colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple line at the bottom of the body. Because of its unique, a jellyfish expert also believes that the direct jellyfish species as the new time to view the first time.

Rainbow colors in the visible part Cilia, a pair of hair-like organ that move in unison when jellyfish swim in the water. Rainbow flame is not produced by the body, such as jellyfish bioluminiscent animals, but the reflection of light which fall to the surface in Cilia.

"This new species entry in the Ctenophora, a group of strange animals and not much known," said Lisa Gershwin, which is natural science curator at the Museum and Art Gallery Queen Victoria in Tasmania. To a jellyfish, the size of the body with relatively large length of 13 centimeters.

However, the body no vertebrate animal that is very fragile. Evidence, when exposed to the net to be appointed to the surface, the body directly damaged.

Gershwin find when making observations using a special tank that allows the animal to its under-water animals. This is a species of jellyfish to-159 that had found.

Brazil Turtle

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Most brazil turtle (red ear slider) that are doomed premature since they hatch. The majority of turtles are sold to the seller is not knowledgeable and they sell turtle this information to buyers without adequate treatment.

Tortoise Trust want the implementation of the law that all the exotic animals can only be sold if the instructions are included on the basis of appropriate maintenance. Each year there are three to four million turtles are exported from brazil United States. Most of them came from farms in Louisiana and Mississippi. The turtle catcher who also provides a natural replacement for the stock of livestock is also responsible for supervising 25,000 - 30,000 adult turtles exported every week for food in the market to foreign (especially in East Asia).

Livestock commercial turtle usually has several artificial swimming pool in which each can contain up to its 13,000 turtles adult layer. The mortality rate is very high that happens every year are caused by stress, disease, nutrition aberration food, less water and the height of its population is too dense. Water, that need to get special attention because of the high contamination by various organisma disease.

The high level of excess turtle adult who does not want her home, but thousands of baby turtles continue diternak every year just to aggravate the problem a human. Most of the baby turtles will die within 3-6 months.

Natural population of turtles has been experiencing intense pressure from loss of habitat due to human. Distribution and extent of the lack of control / collection of trade to make a turtle population increasingly more severe depression.
Turtle can be started as a small creature that seems to be in a small and inexpensive. But after they mature, they grow to a size of 30cm and is big enough that it is not unusual. With the size of this place that they need the broad, high cost of screening equipment / filter and the high cost we should spend over time. Very useful to note, that the child turtle only worth two dollars just to buy it first. But the cost will be at least a hundred-fold from the initial purchase price to treat adult turtle with both (aquarium, heating, lighting and filters). This does not include possible additional costs to go to the vet and the food. With the cheap price, turtles are often purchased directly without long thought - how many people take this commitment if they know what is included in the maintenance of turtle that true?
Indeed, there is no one keeping turtles as a hobby if you want to really treat turtle with a serious and provide a supportive environment for the turtle is. There are thousands of turtles are a people who can provide care with both. Turtles are smart animals that can be valuable to be. We should not do is support the turtle trade.

Virgin shark reveal the Son of Virginia

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some of the shark appeared to have partenogenesis so that it can be delivered without marrying. For instance a shark kept at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.

Fish was reported hiuSeperti Journal of Fish Biology, Friday (10/10), a son of shark that live there do not have the impression is genetic male shark. Sharks come from having a certain shark species from the Atlantic ocean.

Birth is unknown when a female shark named Tidbit that are kept in the aquarium during the 8 year old killed after treatment for a year. When done nekropsi (autopsy), the researchers surprised because in the belly of the fish as long as 1.5 meters and weight of 47 kilograms of baby sharks found along the 25 centimeters. More surprising because there are no male sharks in the aquarium.

This report is the second event on the reproductive aseksual shark. New shark has known the nature partenogenesis of a hammer head shark child, who was born in Zoos Omaha, Nebraska.

"The likelihood partenogenesis normal if the shark population down so low so that a female shark having difficulties looking for a partner," said Mahmood Shivij, scientists from the Guy Harvey Research Institute, University of Florida.

With the usual marriage, a mother shark can give birth dozen offspring. However, with the birth partenogenesis only one child tails.

In addition to fish shark, pertenogenesis found in the amphibian, reptiles, and birds. However, reproductive aseksual this was found more often in animal-vertebrate animals do not.

Taronga Zoo,Sydney, Australia

Taronga is located in the Bradleys Head Road Mosman, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. From Sidney Harbor, Taronga way to go for no more than 30 minutes by bus. Supported by the streets of a little lonely without any congestion, journey towards Taronga feel comfortable. There is no traffic jam.

Taronga, the largest wildlife park in the Sydney area of 28 hectares of it, not just a place for family recreation, conservation vehicle but also wild animals through education programs, maintenance, and research.

The Taronga Zoo is not separated from the role of the Zoological Society of New South Wales, the zoo opened the first time in 1884 at Moore Park Sydney. After a visit to the Zoo Harburg, Germany, in 1908, secretary of community animal lover, Albert Sherbourne Le Souef, inspired to create new wildlife park in Sydney.

In the year 1912, New South Wales government to grant a land area of 43 Acre (about 17.2 hectares) in northern Sydney Harbor wildlife park built for the then named Taronga Zoo. Some 228 mammals, 552 birds, 64 reptiles and from Moore transferred to Taronga Park. More land and expanded on 7 October 1916 Taronga was opened to the public.

Wallaby and Wombat, the two types of typical Australian animals, attract attention. I stopped in the wallaby enclosure. There is a red neck wallaby (Macropus rufogriseus) and swamp wallaby (Wallabia bicolor). Red color of the red neck wallaby appeared to be different, there are only lines on the neck, but some are scattered in some parts of the body. "Wallaby is now found difficult, but little in the woods, where they find food," says a guide.

The Wombat is given the name Abdul is very funny. He seems to understand if it is being observed. He ran and started running grout. This animal-legged mammals and caudate short body length with about one meter. Wombat and wallaby name taken from the Eora Aboriginal people, namely Aboriginal people living in Sydney in the year 1788.

Although the process of digestion food is running slow, can reach 14 days, Wombat can scoot up to 40 kilometers per hour and survive for 90 seconds. "Wombat soliter animals," said Jenny. So, even though it seems funny and not just gemas, this animal is not normal to be at home.

Besides the animals, that's interesting this is a lush garden and its beautiful trees. Almost all the original trees planted there since Taronga year 1916 opened, 90 years ago.

Other facilities offered Taronga is a photo with the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus). According to Jenny, a tourist does not usually miss the opportunity akan fhoto with this animal. Many visitors want to feel that experience with pay five dollars Australia.

In addition, a number of koala fall asleep at that time. "They continue to eat the day and fall asleep immediately. They will only wake up briefly, and then sleep again. Cute, yes? "Give back the earlier comment

To treat disappointment, many visitors in the picture with the koala. Apparently a lot of local tourists who do that also. In fact, parents with joy squat near the image and "snap"

Taronga natural with the beautiful, Taronga more emphasis on elements of education for students. Students involved in the process of investigation and conservation of animals and the environment stay. There are officers who specifically deal with the problems of education, with the goal of making a visit to Taronga become more impressive and valuable.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dolphins are marine mammals that are very smart, in addition to the natural systems that complement the body is very complex. So many technology inspired from the dolphins. One example is the skin of a dolphin is able to reduce friction with the water, so the dolphins can swim with a little water obstacles. This is the swimmer who is used to design clothes that are similar pool dolphin skin.

Dolphins have a system that is used to communicate and receive excitatory called sonar system, the system can avoid the things that are in front of the dolphins, so protected from impact. Technology is then applied in making the submarine radar. Dolphins are mammals. They live in the sea and rivers around the world. Dolphins and whales are relatives pesut. There are more than 40 species of dolphins.

Baby dolphin that was brought to new birth by the mother that can breathe air. Dolphins have to rise to the surface to breathe in order to remain alive. Dolphins breathe air through a hole located at the top of kepalnya. Body that is very slippery and slim fit for swimming. Dolphin mother breastfeeding her child with a susu tasty and provide energy for their children so much faster. Each child's dolphins are always near the mother, so his mother can protect from danger. Dolphins always maintain contact with their children to grow bigger. Mother dolphin with her son to call the child a special whistle that they can recognize.

Dolphins live and work in a group or flock is called. They often play together. A dolphin can not sleep soundly under the water. It can be lost. Therefore, it is half asleep some time in the day. Dolphins eat squid and fish such as mullet fish gray. Sometimes dolphins herd fish flock so easily captured. Dolphins find a way to transmit sound in water. If the vote is about a thing, the sound will be back as a dipantul resonance. Sometimes, rumbling in the sea due to oil drilling can be confusing dolphins. They will have difficulty in sending and receiving messages.

Always interested in the human story of dolphins. Nations have made the Roman image mozaik dolphins around 2000 years ago. Now, people happy with the swim in the sea animals that are as clever and dolphins. Dolphins should be careful of the shark may attack them during the time. They protect the teeth with a tooth, sometimes they use it as part ramrod. Humans can encompass a lot of fish for the dolphins for food. Sometimes, dolphins caught by fishing nets. They can not breathe the breath on the surface, a result they sink. When hazardous chemicals are discarded into the sea, waste that can poison the food eaten by the dolphins. Development of reservoirs in the river and lakes drying leaving only a few places for animals such as dolphins Brazil to live.

Dolphins are mammals classified as intelligent. Dolphins can help people, when the dolphins are trained, even the circle of fire they can cross. Sea lion, Primate species, whales and dogs, including animals that are also intelligent. Dolphins have been trained to perform a variety of attractions and they can also count, but the wild dolphins have not been able to do a variety of attractions. Now this, dolphins and whales are rare, the dolphins and whales should be protected. Dolphins and whales were protected in the world.

King Cobra

Cobra snake has a latin name naja sputatrix. Snake is a snake species that has a type of poison neurotoksin and hemotoksin. When a victim of this type of snake it can inject / canine toxic poison through his blood into the vessel to its prey.

Type of result can be toxic when bitten hemotoksin cause pain is incredible, it will feel like a burn hot. Therefore it can be helpful as sinyalemen and help can be done immediately. Unlike the snakes, which only has a type of poison neurotoksin, the victim will not feel any pain at all, and often victims do not even feel bitten. Therefore, usually cobra snake bite victims can still help because most of the speed.

Snake cobra spreading very wide, ranging brush, fields, and rice field, and even into the home. Cobra snake species usually nest in the rat hole that is not used anymore, or after it in the rat by their prey. In the parent's nest and lay eggs cobra to guard hatch.

Food than normal mice in prey are frogs, fish, birds, chick, lizard, and others. Perfuse a cobra snake poison to immobilize it ago a type of poultry to inject its poison through his canine. But the poison in the spray is not as strong with the poison injected directly into the vein.

Cobra snake the neck and body erect when feel threatened and are ready to inject its poison. The target is always the victim's eyes. Can be affected by poison or the human eye will cause temporary blindness and can heal itself when washed with the water flow.

Cobra snake is also used by many medical experts from China for use as drugs. For blood and empedunya usually used as herb medicine in various diseases. Special to the usual meat used for the therapy of skin diseases that are difficult to be cured, such as eczema. Snake meat is usually presented in the form of a serpent abon it's very tasty and delicious.

Zoos National Washington DC

Monday, June 8, 2009

Zoos National Washington DC, United States (U.S.), demonstrate to the public for the first time, three tiger tails Sumatera, three months after the birth of their more.

Children of this tiger, two female and one male head, before left by her mother in care since they were born 24 May 2006 ago. Last few days the children relax this be acquainted with the outside environment to ensure they can safely move around.

AP news agency, quoted nationalzoo.si.edu mention, children, this tiger is one of between 25 to 30 pounds, given the name after the election was held throughout the month. Children in pairs male tiger is the name given in Indonesia, "Guntur", while the female is given the name "Melati" and "Maharani"

Zoo in Bali, Indonesia

Friday, June 5, 2009

Zoos with Bali area of 3.5 hectares of tropical garden, it is neat in Seseh Banjar Apuan, Sukawati, Gianyar. Or about 1 hour drive from Nusa Dua, Kuta and 30 minutes from Ubud, and Sanur.
Operating since September 2002, Fraser has been collecting more than 350 rare animals tails consisting of 60% Aves (birds) among Jalak Bali, peacock, Kasuari, hawk and the like, and 30% of mammal species such as the Sumatran tiger, African lion, Deer, kangaroos, camel.
To realize the vision as the zoo and international stages,

Bali Zoo - Zoos Bali continues to seek increased quality and quantity of collection animals - animals that are rare.
At the end of the year 2006, the zoo is adding a few new collections mammals including White tiger (Panthera Tigris), Hippopotamus dwarf (choeropsis liberiensis), chamois (amortragus lervia), coat monkey (papio hamadryas), Japanese monkey (macaca fuscata ), which shipped from the Convention & Exhibition Center (KBS) as a form of cooperation in the exchange surplus animals and animals of animals - animals that have not been able to pair so well with the breed and remain sustainable existence on the planet earth.
Cooperation between the Bali Zoo-Zoos Bali KBS with the same members as the same PKSBI (Fraser society Indonesia) is the second cooperation after the 2003 KBS provides ago where animals - its surplus animals.
With the return of animals - animals are rare, Bali Zoo-Zoos Bali is expected to implement the vision and mission as a conservation organization to preserve rare animals as a medium for research, education center for youth and recreation and the tourism of flora and fauna alternative for families.
There is a restaurant facility that provides a variety of menu options International, Indonesia and Balinese cuisine, the 300 seat capacity in addition there is a Café that provides various snacks, open the stage to dance while staging accompany lunch / night, attractions tame animals, the sale of goods craft, resting place, gallery and parking area, the Bali Zoo-Zoos Bali in Bali is the most comprehensive.

China panda loan to US zoo

FOUR giant pandas will continue to live at the United States-based San Diego Zoo after China extended a loan deal for five more years.

The agreement signed yesterday at the zoo allows the pandas, two of which have given birth to one female cub each, to stay at least five more years, Xinhua news agency reported today.

The cub named "Zhen Zhen" will be sent to China after it turns 4 years old.

San Diego Zoo first received pandas from China in 1996. According to the agreement, the zoo pays an annual US$500,000 fee, most of which goes towards China's panda center.

San Diego Zoo and other American zoos have collected US$375,000 in donations since the May earthquake.

The money will be used for panda research and conservation, Giant Panda Conservation Foundation President David Towne said.

Kiwa hirsuta ( crustacea )

The divers have found a kind of new animal body shell (crustacea) in the South Pacific Ocean similar crabs. Uniquely, this animal has a similar layer of blonde fuzz on the peach tweezers and feet-feet.

According to French researchers, which they call animal Kiwa hirsuta is very different compared to other species, so that they include them in class or a new genus and new family.

Team divers strange crabs found in the depth of 2298 meters in a region about 1440 kilometers south of Easter Island last year, so according to Michel Segonzac, from Institut Sea exploration or French IFREMER.

Crustacea new findings described in the journal Natural History National Museum of Paris. This furry crabs and a white long or about 15 centimeters of salad plates.

Characteristics that make a marvelous wonder researchers are feathering fine tweezers to cover it. This invention is a valuable prize in the diving expedition organized by Robert Vrijenhoek of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Giraffe that is prominent than the other animals. At the zoo or in a natural habitat in the vicinity of Central Africa, the high-pitched more than other animals, and is the largest land animals that are both still alive until now (the African elephant, at most). Long neck giraffe has dazzle the observer for several years.

In his observation shoulder as 3 meters (10 feet) giraffe crane his neck along the 2.5 meters (8 feet) to limit, and spoken with a long and measuring almost 1 foot to reach his acacia tree with branches that can not be seen achieve, and some people may believe that the concession is the process of growth giraffe neck. But actually, what a giraffe is able to add something for the height?

Zoo country Malaysia

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zoo country Malaysia cock two pairs of panda China. For Malaysia, the government set up funds of 30 million Ringgit or as much Rp95, 6 billion more.

Director of the Zoo country Malaysia Mohamad Ngah said, panda addition, his side also to drill lemurs, white tiger, and golden monkeys from China zoo.

"We also will send the crane and the white color, and other animals that excess," said Mohamad cited as The Star, Thursday (1/1/2009).

Mohamad adds, Zoo country has two years to exchange animals. At this time the two have signed a memorandum understanding with the Shanghai Safari Park and the Zoo Yungor Ningbo China.

"Of this ensure we get the animals from China, but there is no clear what type of animal that will be brought here," he said.

Concerning the desire to keep the panda, Mohamad, said the government was negotiating with the government and the panda is an animal of prey. "We can not bring them home to the Sani. If we want it, need a pair of male and female," he said.

Mohamad also asserted, Zoo country also must bring the original bamboo expert with China zoo is reviewing the State to review the feasibility of the place where the panda. "currently we have in the negotiation stage, and the result is very good," said Mohamad.

Poison frog

Toad the size of this mini is the danger. Their backs with full neurotoxin in its mucus, with the goal to keep the predator averse. Each frog can produce enough poison to kill 10 humans.

ANIMAL Adoption in Indonesia

Monday, June 1, 2009

Program animals foster parents is a program where you are working with the Indonesian Safari Park with how to become a foster parent for the new baby animals born or the age of five by the livestock in Indonesia Safari Park. As a foster parent of the animals that you select here, you can see the growth of the baby animals, and in addition you can also give a name that you like to 'foster child' you can eat, play and learn fhoto when you come to Park Safari and you can adopt more than one baby animals that are here.

The goal of this program is to spread the message of conservation with the wider community to bring more love animals-wildlife is endangered. With this program we also provide the opportunity for people to love and interact more closely with these animals.
To start this program you must note the following:
1. Fill out the registration form and select the animals you want to adopt, such as tiger, spotted tiger, lion, Orang Utan, chimpanzee, elephant, honey bears, gibbon, bekantan, Komodo dragons, snakes and birds.
2. Taman Safari Indonesia party to give confirmation on the animals you choose to be adopted and if approved will be issued a certificate stating that you, as foster parents of these animals.
3. Funds for conservation as foster parents of animals herbivora and omnivora:
o The period of 6 months: Rp 6,000,000, - (six million rupiah)
o Period of 12 months: Rp 12.000.000, - (twelve million)
Meanwhile, funds for conservation as foster parents for animals karnivora:
o The period of 6 months: Rp 10.000.000, - (ten million rupiah)
o 12-month period: Rp.20.000.000, - (twenty million rupiah)
As a foster parent of the animals in Safari Park Indonesia, you have the right to:
1. Visit to Taman Safari Indonesia for 1 time period you become a foster parent (invitation valid for 4 people) with the first alert to the ticketing staff Safari Park visit Indonesia on the date you select, in order to ensure you have the time to interact more with the old your foster child is.
2. On a visit that has been agreed you can around the animals first and then find a 'foster child' and to ask about any keeper who cared for them (karnivora for animals such as tiger, lion, tiger and so there is a certain time limit on each visit) .
3. Giving the name to 'foster child' you are.
4. You also get a voucher:
 Elephant Safari Trail (maximum 2 people in 1 adventures)
 Spending on caravan Camping Ground
 Following the Safari Track program and out bond
5. Finally, you will be introduced as a foster parent animals Taman Safari Indonesia in our magazine: "Safari News".
For more information you can contact the Public Relation and Marketing Taman Safari Indonesia in the 0251 8250 000 ext: 5175/4508, email: pr@tamansafari.com

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